Cool Tattoo Ideas and Tattoo Designs

Cool Tattoo Ideas and Free Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been an integral part of human culture for thousands of years. It has been of great value to many nations worldwide. People have always wanted to express their individuality and demonstrate their uniqueness. Drawing original images and symbols on the body was one of such methods of self-expression that was carrying beauty and mystery for a long time.

It is known that the ancient Aztecs drew different signs and symbols on their bodies and that had an important meaning and could tell about the person’s fate. These distinguishing marks could characterize their owner as a brave warrior, a skilled hunter or a fisherman. Tattooing is still an essential part of the many tribal cultures of Indonesia and Oceania. Thus, it can be said that tattoo is a cultural phenomenon.

Nowadays, the meaning of the word “tattoo” has changed. Only the tattoos of the representatives of such social groups as prisoners or soldiers are still meant to tell about the nature of their owners. In all other cases, this way of body decoration became a work of art that helps a person to stand out from the others.

The meaning and the genres of tattoo are constantly changing and expanding. New techniques of tattooing are emerging. Moreover, thanks to its rich history, tattoo art developed its own traditions, schools, trends, and styles. This is due to the fact that the development of tattooing as an art is not a technical but a cultural process. Unlike their predecessors, the modern masters demonstrate a great creativity and pay particular attention to the presence of art in their work. Almost all of them visit museums, exhibitions, galleries and are interested in cinema and theater. The result of such attitude towards tattooing is the appearance of many cool tattoo ideas that enrich a great number of sketches that already exist.

Therefore, there are many styles of tattoo. The same drawings may be done in dozens of different ways. Considering the style solution, you should also think about using the new trends in tattooing that will help making your idea a unique one.

Having selected a style of tattooing, you need to come up with a tattoo subject. Each of inks subjects has a specific meaning. Thus, it is essential to check it before making a tattoo. Once you are satisfied with your choice, you should have a look at the photos, tattoo pictures, and sketches. You can find everything you need to decide upon you tattoo design on our website. A gallery of free tattoo designs may help you to complete a tattoo idea with details that will make it unique and fill with a meaning that is close to you. If you want to make an inscription, you should choose the font at first. Try different variants of the phrase spelling and select the best one.

Once you are sure about the tattoo subject and the way it is to be made, you need to decide where you would like it to be done. That is why it is essential to consider the best pics of tattoos and the sketches of the chosen subject on the each part of the body and consider its painfulness, aesthetics, and visibility.

There are popular tattoos ideas that may be appropriate for the representatives of both sexes. However, the vast majority of the inks are divided into female and male ones.

Tattoos for Women

The most popular tattoos for women are different phrases and inscriptions with names, especially on the wrists. Ladies also prefer flower tattoo patterns. You should not forget that each flower has its own meaning, and such ink should reflect the owner’s nature. Bird tattoo designs for girls are popular too. Each species of bird or animal represents a specific symbol. Thus, you should pay particular attention to the meaning of the tattoo subject you choose.

If you compare male and female inks, you can make an interesting conclusion. In most cases, women do tattoos only for aesthetic reasons. Ladies use this not a widespread way of body decoration to be unique and stand out from the crowd. However, the pretty tattoo ideas may also help woman express their personality.

Tattoos for Men

Men partly pursue the same purpose. However, the main feature of the men's tattoos is symbolism. Since ancient times, inks have been the opportunity for men to show themselves. Thus, tattoos for men always reflect the character peculiarities and are based on the particular meaning. In most cases, male inks are aimed at emphasizing strength, will, greatness, and superiority. The most common images used by men are a lion, a wolf, a tiger or a bear. A skull is also considered to be a popular tattoo subject. It symbolizes the ancestors’ strength that is believed to scare the enemies off.

Each tattoo design has its peculiarities and transmits a particular message. The properly chosen tattoo subject will help to express individuality of its male or female owner. Have a look at our list of tattoo styles and topics and get ready to create your unique body decoration!